Completion of compressor station retrofitting and upgrading for Surgut GRES-2


Globaltechexport Ltd. successfully performed its obligations under the contract for common compressor station retrofitting and upgrading for the purpose of meeting operational and repair requirements, preservation of boiler circuits and turbine cylinders of Power Units No. 1-6 on a turnkey basis for use by Surgut GRES-2, a branch of Unipro PJSC.

This project included several phases:

  • Development of design documentation for compressor station referencing to the power station site, pipeline routing, and integration into the existing pipeline and electrical networks;
  • Pneumatic system audit;
  • Supply of a modular compressed air station (consisting of 4 prefabricated compressor containers, which house compressor units, filters, and dryers);
  • Performance of the construction and installation works, the performance of commissioning works, performance of pipeline junctions into the existing steam lines of the Power-Generating Units Boiler equipment.

Despite a sufficiently high capacity of the compressor station (total flow rate of up to 4,860 Nm3/h after drying at 0.8 MPa), it has a very compact design comprised of several containers for it to be placed in a limited space of the existing power facility, without the need to build an expensive permanent building. In addition, this concept, as well as the coordinated actions of all project participants enabled to perform all works within a significantly shorter period than was originally planned by the Customer.

The new compressor station will enable more cost-effective and environmentally friendly preservation of boiler and turbine equipment at the power plant site with clean and dried air while extending its service life.

Unipro PJSC would like to thank Globaltechexport Ltd. for the high quality of services and timely completion of each stage of work.

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