Gas distribution unit supply to Yakutsk GRES-2


Globaltechexport Ltd. manufactured and delivered a gas distribution unit to the construction site of Yakutsk GRES-2. The project was implemented within the shortest possible period, as the management of TEK MOSENERGO JSC set the task to design, manufacture, and deliver a gas distribution unit to Yakutsk in 4 months.

The container-type gas distribution unit is designed for gas supply to three water boilers, 100 Gcal/h each. It is used for treatment, heating, technological metering, natural gas pressure reduction, maintenance of the output pressure at the pre-set level regardless of flow rate variations, and automatic emergency gas cut-off.

Gas distribution unit specifications:

  • Capacity (gas flow rate): up to 35,000 Nm3/h;
  • Rated pressure: 25 bar (g);
  • Rated environment temperature: from -64°С to +60°С.

Gas distribution unit includes the following process skid units:

  • Natural gas purification unit based on high-efficiency DN200 PN25 separator filters;
  • Natural gas heating unit based on DN200 PN25 horizontal shell-tube heaters with double concentric pipes (pipe-in-pipe);
  • Process gas metering unit on the base of DN200 PN25 turbine meter;
  • Natural gas pressure reduction and pressure leveling unit based on a pilot gas regulator with an inline safety shutoff valve and a separate pressure relief valve.

The gas distribution unit has a modular (container) type design. The container houses all process equipment, life support facilities, automatic fire fighting, and a gas alarm system. The automatic control system of the gas distribution unit is located in a separate compartment. All process pipelines are designed to provide full redundancy for an uninterrupted gas supply in case of emergency. Units’ piping includes motor-operated shut-off valves of A class with a local AUMA Matic control panel.

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