Globaltechexport Ltd. successfully designed, manufactured, and supplied a compressed air station for the Khabarovsk TPP-4 construction project


As part of the Khabarovsk TPP-4 and off-site infrastructure construction project (four power units of the combined cycle gas turbine plant with a total installed electric power of 328 MW), Globaltechexport Ltd. successfully supplied a modular prefabricated and ready-to-operate automated compressed air station complete with dryers to Ust-SrednekanGESstroy JSC (General Contractor, a member of RusHydro PJSC), including:

  • Compressor container 9,000x7,500x3,030 – 1 ea.;

  • Compressor unit DEN-160 – 3 ea.;

  • Dryer – 3 ea.;

  • Filters and separators – 3 sets;

  • Piping and cabling inside the container;

  • ACS and 0.4 kV MCC cabinets – 1 set;

  • Vertical heat-insulated air receiver, 16 m3 – 2 ea.

Compressed air generated by the compressor station is used for:

  • Compressed air supply to consumers of the existing TPP-1;

  • Instrument air supply to pneumatic valves of GTU No. 1-4;

  • Gas line purging;

  • Continuous emission control system;

  • Power supply to pneumatic tools during repairs.

The project provides for two compressed air receivers, 16 m3 each, located next to the compressor station to accumulate and store compressed air, equalize and maintain pressure in pipelines, reduce surges caused by compressor operation, maintain the required compressor operating mode, and reduce the number of bypasses.

The General Designer and detailed documentation developer of Khabarovsk TPP-4 is ITE-Project. Alongside with equipment supply, Globaltechexport Ltd. provided all initial data for the equipment design.

It should be noted that the basic approach for such projects is automatic control system implementation using only own resources with programming based on certified Russian hardware and software, which will greatly facilitate equipment operation and maintenance by the Customer in the future.

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