Compex LLC manufacturing complex is our own fully integrated gas treatment equipment manufacturing facility

The manufacturing facility is located in the city of Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region, has an area of 5,76 ha and is comprised of a manufacturing building, cold storage warehouse, gas boiler house, and front security desk building.

Manufacturing building: a three-storey building with a total area of 4,209 m2, including a shop floor of 2,175 m2 and a warm storage warehouse of 330 m2 for components parts.

Cold storage warehouse: a stand-alone building with an area of 846 m2 with three gates.

Boiler house: 2 boilers, 900 kW each.

Tooling and manufacturing equipment:

  • Manual and semiautomatic welding machines;

  • Metal-cutting machine tools (milling, lathe, drill, etc.), beading and bandsaw machines, pipe cutters;

  • Electrical measuring tools;

  • Fitting and assembly tool sets, soldering stations, etc.;

  • Laser-guided system for shaft alignment and flatness testing;

  • Testing equipment, and loading device.

Complete range of services in gas treatment equipment manufacture:

Manufactured gas booster stations and units have certificates and declarations of conformity according to the Mandatory Conformity Certification System of the Customs Union. Gas booster stations are manufactured explosion-proof and have corresponding Ex certification marks.

  1. Blank area;

  2. Welding area;

  3. Assembly area;

  4. Painting area;

  5. Electrical area.

  • GBS (gas booster stations) based on screw and reciprocating compressors;

  • GBU (gas booster units) based on screw and reciprocating compressors;

  • VRU (vapor recovery units) based on screw and rotary vane compressors;

  • GTU (gas treatment units);

  • Container units for process equipment of various fire ratings and climatic modifications for operation in explosive and non-explosive atmospheres.